Wednesday, 27 February 2013

ABC...The Key To Good Skin?

Last year we were hit with a new stream of products that soon took over every beauty counter across the world. This year they're still there but now sitting beside the new alphabet kid-on-the-block. That's right, its the BB and now CC creams. Every major (and minor) cosmetic company has brought out a BB cream but now I'm starting to see the next in generation CC cream everywhere. Now I'm ashamed to admit that I have only recently learnt what a BB cream is. Being clinic based I'm not exposed to the high street (cosmetic) trends, though I do try my best to keep up with them.

Blemish Balm (BB Cream) originated in Asia but in the recent years has spread globally. Designed to be a "do it all" cream, providing the coverage of a tinted moisturiser with added skin care. Claiming to prime, conceal, cover, hydrate, brighten and protect your skin, it really does sound like the ultimate power product for the everyday, modern woman.

The obvious follow on had to be the CC (complexion correcting) cream. This one designed to be more of a make-up base, it is described as a primer with benefits. Developed in Japan and wildly popular throughout Asia where the woman covet a perfect, even complexion. Lighter than a BB cream and untinted, this product sits more in the skincare category as opposed to make-up.

So what do you think about these alphabet creams? I'm wildly sceptical about these "all singing all dancing" products. Can one product really do everything, AND do it well? Wouldn't it be better to spend a bit more money and effort using a few more products of higher quality, with ingredients of more potency to actually change your skin and give you the results you're really wanting?

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  1. I haven't got into the BB or CC creams either as I prefer foundation to cover (maybe I'm wrong!)

    I wonder if they carry on with the alphabet theme, what would ZZ cream be? zero zits? ;)