Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Facialist In-Training

I spent the day today at a training hosted by Medik8; a professional clinical brand. Amongst the attendees were a mix of therapists, laser operators, nurses, doctors and plastic surgeons. I find it really fascinating at these trainings being able to mix with such a variety of skin professionals and share different views and experience with people from other areas of expertise. We spent the day analyzing different skin types and how we use Medik8 products to treat these skin concerns. It was amazing to hear this story from another therapist that has been in the industry 30+ years. Ten years ago, she went to a skin seminar attended by nurses. When they found out she was "merely a therapist" they asked her to leave claiming that is was no place for the likes of her. It's so amazing to see how now, you can get such a mix of skin professionals together in one room working together and sharing their expertise with each other. It just shows how the industry is really evolving, especially given the huge place there is in the London market for plastic surgeons and injectable nurses.

I'll be back in Ealing tomorrow for day 2 of the training which goes into chemical peeling. I believe people still tend to be put off with those two words, "chemical peeling" with people picturing images from those extreme makeover shows where the skin is quite literally peeling off. While these peels do have a sheathing effect to the skin they are not at all scary...I'm completely addicted and they have an amazing affect on the skin! Bonus!

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