Monday, 4 March 2013

Facialist In-Training #2

Last week I spent 3 days at the caci training centre in north London. I found myself in a taxi on the way there explaining to the driver exactly what a "non-surgical face lift" was, while at the same time thinking to myself how stupid it sounded and I just knew he was thinking the same! However after 3 days of intensive training and having the treatment myself I am convinced.

Caci is like a workout for the face. Using micro-currant and deep lifting movements to lift and sculpt the muscles of the face and neck. First developed to treat sufferers of a stroke, it's now used for women experiencing a loss of firmness to the facial muscles. Great for any women (or man) over the age of 25 that want to lift, tone and firm their facial muscles.

Caci recommends a course of 10 treatment done 2-3 times per week, after that it's all about the mainstince and is important to have a treatment every 4-6 weeks to keep the muscles lifted. They compare it to a session at the gym. If you only go a few times, you feel better, have more energy but you don't see a difference. But when you workout regularly you see a visible difference and stay in shape. The great thing about the machine also is that the power is adjusted, so the more you come the higher we can set the power so your muscles are being constantly stimulated.

Great! But the downside? It does not treat the skin and it cannot be seen as your sole facial treatment. I recommend combining this with your usual skin facial, either in the the same treatment or alternate between a facial and a caci so you are still treating the skin as well. *This is the official caci model...not many prople like her but it gives a good example of what the machine is doing!

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