Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Harsh Weather Playing Havoc With Your Skin? Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream

The weather this last few weeks has been awful, this is my first winter/spring in the UK and I am constantly being assured that is isn't usually like this!! The extreme cold, harsh winds and air-conditioning is playing havoc with my skin. It's red, sensitised and dry. The Elemis SOS emergency cream was a purchase from a few months ago that I only used a couple of times before moving onto other things. However upon routing around in my product drawer on the weekend looking for something suitable to soothe and protect my skin I rediscovered it. It has been a blessing, full of amino acids, willow, myrth, lavender and centella asiatica it is designed to protect and restore skins natural balance. It is a very thick and feels like a barrier for the skin so it's ideal for weeks like this to protect against the wind. It also has a really nice comforting, soothing feeling when it is applied. Best used at night to heal the skin while your sleeping but as I said it forms a great barrier on the skin so great for windy or freezing days when you feel you need a bit extra to protect your skin.
What are you doing to protect your skin against this cold?


  1. Winter's here really aren't usually this bad or long! Hoping for a lovely summer to make up for it!

    My hands have suffered the most and I'm still hunting for the perfect hand cream to repair my poor skin! x