Monday, 5 August 2013

The Anti-Ageing Prescription

Anti-Ageing isn't a word I like to use, but it is a word that is constantly being thrown around in the cosmetic industry. You cannot stop ageing, it is inevitable and in fact it is a privilege that not everyone gets (I heard that from Caroline and it is so true, next time your moaning about ageing think about that). What we can do however, is help the ageing process and slow it down. Most cosmetics you will pick up will have the words "anti-ageing" on it, take that with a grain of salt. If loss of skin firmness, lines, wrinkles or sun damage are of concern to you here's what you should be looking for in your products.

SPF - more of a preventative, you should be using everyday of your life no matter what the weather or climate. This will help prevent premature photo-ageing.

Vitamin A - reverses the signs of ageing by rebuilding collagen and repairing environmental damage. There are many different forms and strengths of vitamin A, the strongest being retinol. Start off small and gradually increase intensity and frequency.

AHAs - glycolic and lactic acids applied topically help to increase call turnover and resurface the epidermis, allowing better penetration of products. Don't overdo it, let your skin get used to this and work your way up to a higher strength and frequency.

Vitamin C and E - both antioxidants so again fall into the prevention category. Vitamin C, traditionally water based, helps to even out skin colour, strengthen the capillary wall, and produce collagen. Vitamin E is oil soluble so when used together you are protecting both parts of the cell.

Niacinimide - also known as Vitamin B3, acts as a barrier between skin and the environment, to block out external damaging agents. Used to stimulate the dermis, which in turn increases the fatty content of the cells and aids in water retention and enhancing the barrier function.

The main thing to remember when using any of these ingredients is to use your SPF daily.
Of course all this is dependent on your lifestyle, if you smoke, worship the sun or have a high sugar diet you will age faster and should start doing everything you can NOW to help preserve your skin.

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