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Having worked in Beauty for four years in New Zealand I rather thought I was bored of the industry and wanted to do something new. My plan was, in heading off to Europe with a possible stint in London, that I would figure out what I wanted to do long term with my life. Well I did...what I wasnt expecting was that it would still be in the beauty industry! But I have in fact discovered that I'm quite good at my job, and I actually really love it (how about that?!). So now I find myself living in South-West London and working as a Facialist in Knightsbridge. I couldn't comprehand beforehand how different this would be to working as a "beauty therapist" in little old Auckland, but it is and I enjoy (almost) every minute of it.

However, (as there is always a but) I still wanted to do more. And altough London is a hectic and busy place, I found I had too much time on my hands in the middle of a long and dreary winter. And so this blog emerged! Now it is still very new and very much a work in progress, but I assume that as you are reading this that is one good step! So enjoy and please feel free to leave me a comment. x

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