Thursday, 7 February 2013

SkinCeuticals seminar

Yesterday I went to the beautiful Sanctum Soho Hotel for the SkinCeuticals seminar on redness and inflammation in the skin. This was followed by the launch of their newest product Redness Neutraliser designed for the most sensitive of skins or skins suffering from Acne Rosacesa. Rosacea was always a bit of a taboo topic among beauty therapists with most facialists being too scared of the inflammation to treat, thus leaving sufferers of the vicious form of acne to put up with the flushed, inflamed and often burning skin without being able to get treatment for it. This seminar, hosted by doctors, plastic surgeons and skin therapists, went in depth on teaching us how to treat this skin, and giving us the tools to do so with SkinCeuticals new product redness neutraliser. For those of you suffering from rosacea or even just have sensitivity in your skin you will know how hard it often is using product without it causing your skin to get red or inflamed. Redness neutraliser is designed to stop the inflammation process before it starts, thus in time desensitising your skin and meaning we can treat other problem area of skin more aggressively! This is a breakthrough for us therapists waiting to get our hands into this skin. I am now testing the redness neutraliser on myself at home and also on my clients in the this space for my reviews on the product.

...Did you know? Inflammation in the skin produces free redicals* meaning that inflammed skin will age much more quickly.

*Free radicals are the molecules responsible for causing ageing and tissue damage.

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